TaiPay SecuredTrust Data Masking

SecuredTrust Data Masking is the methodology that applies the data routing and tokenization technology to de-identify and de-sensitize data, by which, the processed data through data routing (preserve the original data in database) can be used in multi-purpose scenario, data warehouse, testing environment, sandbox testing, and etc. In another prospect, data masking underlines the tokenization technology for data binding which converts the original database into tokenized database to enhance the security level of payment data processing, database protection, policy compliance, and etc.
Unlike traditional data masking in the market, SecuredTrust solution features flexibility, which provides professional services to meet customers' varied needs, generating the variety of policies to fulfill customer requirements. SecuredTrust Data Masking presents not only the solution itself but also the diversified features, including policies and connectivity to offer customer an omni-channel for achieving business goal.

Data Routing ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) Mode

Performance: With our in-depth data masking engine, we can generate different masked data via customized policies effectively, scaling to mask large data for different purposes.

Customized Privacy: Any format of private data can be customized to meet customer’s need in different categories, the standard data masking policy can also be provided to shorten the deployment period.

Out of Compliance: The designated policy can boost the compliance of the strict regulation of privacy laws, which, in the other words, keeps your entity out of compliance.

Smart Conversion: TaiPay provides the dynamic rule setting to analyze the data and apply the rules to data while meeting the predefined criteria.

Strong Security — Full Tokenized Mode

Payment data Security: With this Mode, utilizing the full data binding model is on to replace sensitive data with tokenized surrogate value which is securely stored in Token Vault. The Token, instead of real data in the token vault, are safely processed both at rest and in motion.

Sensitive data Protection: Since the sensitive data is replaced by tokens, it constructs very strong de-identified and de-sensitized environment to lower the risk of malicious attacks.

Data Log Audit: With full Tokenized mode, any data transaction of system can be organized and monitored when tokenized data is requested to de- tokenize into real data.

Efficient data conversion: Comparing to encryption technology, less resource in data binding and processing is utilized by facilitating the tokenization technology.

Smart Conversion: TaiPay provides dynamic rule setting to analyze the data and make sure the data meet the stipulated criteria.

Customized Privacy: Privacy policy can be customized to meet customer’s requirements in different categories. The standard data masking policy can be also provided to accelerate the implementation process.

Compliance of Laws: The designated policy can boost the compliance of Laws to the strict regulation for privacy.

Features ETL Proxy Mode Full Tokenization Mode
Performance Good Good
Customized Privacy Supported Supported
Compliance of Law Supported Supported
Smart Convert Supported Supported
Payment Security N/A Supported
Data Binding limited Full binding