Exchange & Hot Wallet Solution

TaiPay SecureTrust provides the one-stop solution pioneering the APAC market, which is secure and GDPR-compliant. We aim to develop a centralized private key protection solution to safeguard cryptocurrency players' private keys regarding to security and privacy. Moreover, TaiPay assists exchange vendors to prevent the private key from possible cyber-attacks by using advanced Tokenization technology. A first tier PCI-DSS ecosystem integrated with TaiPay token vault is implemented with key code masking to safeguard private key. Masked private key would be stored in PCI-DSS Level 1 safety vault which helps exchange vendors develop a trustworthy, efficient and collaborative environment that allows cryptocurrency players to manage their wallets and crypto assets without any data security concerns.

Security Challenges in the Dynamic Crypto World

Recently, Crypto exchange, which is collecting a lot of value, went bankruptcy due to cyber-attack. Thus, the growing security issues become main concerns on this market. To be omni-directional protected, cryptocurrency exchanges must employ a crypto-security solution that is attached with private key protection.

A First Aid to Protection of Crypto Private Key

TaiPay provides a solution to assist exchange venders storing private key securely in database, which prevents from possible attacks. The security ecosystem is integrated from log-in password masking mechanism to backstage private key management. Sensitive data are protected from data breach, misuse or hijacked threats. The key would be displayed as Pseudonymization, which is a key management practice for database protection.

A Secured and Customized Crypto Ecosystem

TaiPay not only features key management, but also provides one-stop solution to interface the APIs and Hot wallet with the main systems which also phase in token security APIs to the exchange platform. Therefore, eliminating security risk can be achieved to better build an efficient data protection system. The innovative tokenization technology helps with the performance of cross-border exchange centers who can manage their Pseudonymization token keys in scattered ecosystem securely.

Customized, Secured, and Compliant

Apply premium key management system both on-premises and on-cloud.
Better data protection mechanism than traditional encryption scheme.
Securer ecosystem with PCI-DSS Level 1 Certificate.

In-house Transaction Under Key Masking

By replacing the real private key with token, only the masked key and token is stored and transmitted during transaction.
Masked private key is applied while only back-up and restoring is performed. Authorization for data detokenization is required with the key holders to prevent token control from the unauthorized access.

How it works

To secure the private key, TaiPay applies innovative Tokenization technology to construct safety environment for crypto exchange vendors. Token Vault is a data warehouse storing masked and tokenized keys which are replaced from private keys. The key management can be applicable not only for crypto exchanges but also hot wallet providers. implements the complete key management packages under PCI-DSS compliant environment.