Login Security

TaiPay SecuredTrust provides a security infrastructure construction which combines SecuredTrust data security solutions and IDC Network security services, offering a comprehensive total solution for sensitive data protection. The cross-sector partnership and IDC integration allow corporations to enjoy higher level of data security using minimal resources and time, whilst receiving multiple aspects of assistance for a seamless, secure, and efficient growth of its core business.


Thanks to the power of tokenization technology, Login Security Service can provide a total protection for your sensitive data both at-rest and in-motion. Besides data security, the technology also provides the compatibility which enables simple integration in the existed customer’s system and immediately activate data protection.


Moreover, Login Security could be integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Resource Management (HRM) system, and, also, the other existed corporate login service applications. The tokenization technology empowers the management system to a better protection of the PII/sensitive data, such as ID and account number.

More to say? Time-to-Market shortened

Furthermore, the sensitive data will be bound and replaced by tokens, and the token could not be decrypted even though it is hacked or breached by hackers or internal users. Via specific Login Security API, entrepreneurs could easily make their business ready and save money from the heavy investment on the IT infrastructure and professionals. Moreover, by leverage the balance, corporates are able to manage the system by one click. TaiPay provides your business not only the professional security service, but also a way to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your business.